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Our Mission


“Our Mission is to mold children and adolescents in ways that will promote their desire to be successful adults. We will strive to accomplish this with firm, fair, and compassionate leadership.  Each and every day, we will demonstrate, by personal example, the road to achieve life’s goals regardless of how bumpy it may become.”


Intensive Leadership Academy (ILA)

ILA is our secure Level III residential treatment facility that serves as our initial intake point for all new residents.  Our team will work to provide a therapeutic residential setting.  Our 16 year olds and up will have an opportunity to work through the high school curriculum at their own pace while being introduced to a rotational schedule of Vocational trades at the local college.  At the completion of each program, they will be allowed to take the industry certification exam in that field.  We keep our boys busy and preparing for the challenges of adulthood.  


Step Down Options

Clear Sky Behavioral offers internal "Step Down Options" so that our residents can continue their treatment in a less restrictive environment. This is a very important step for them to continue progress while having the ability to be more independent.  They have worked hard for this opportunity and have become more receptive to mentoring by staff.  Upon arrival, they are now authorized to pursue employment and begin the road that leads to a successful life.  

Privacy Policy

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